English-speaking Dentists DUO SMILE on Complex Health and the Prevention of Bleeding Gums

Today, DUOSMILE have prepared a short informative text on the importance of complex health and the prevention of bleeding gums. Photo by MARLEEN.cz.

Brno, Oct 27 (BD) – The founders of DUO SMILE Dental Care, identical twins Dr Eva and Dr Hana Luskačová, were influenced at an early age by their father to make a difference in people’s lives. Coming from a family of doctors, they found dentistry to be the perfect way to fulfil that ambition.

The sisters opened their English-friendly dental clinic “DUO SMILE” in Brno in Winter 2017. Thanks to their international experience during their studies and training abroad, the Luskačová doctor-duo are excited to be able to serve English-speaking clients. “Eva and I have been in the “foreign person in a new city” shoes before so we know very well what a difference it makes when you’re understood. We believe that communication is key anywhere,” says Hana, “and it’s interesting and inspiring to have clients from all over the world, we love it. Eva and I are very proud of our team, who can speak German, Greek, Russian, Azerbaijani and Turkish and complement us to make our guests even more comfortable!”

Eva and Hana both studied Medicine prior to pursuing studies and eventual careers in Dentistry, which has helped them develop a holistic approach to the dental profession.

Their philosophy is that “DUO SMILE care about the person connected to the tooth, not just the tooth”.

Hana focuses on all aspects of restorative dentistry, with a special interest in cosmetic, full mouth reconstructions, superstructures for implants, and veneers. Eva focuses on implants and associated surgery, including cosmetic and aesthetic treatments.

They both believe in the concept of preventative, minimally invasive, and pain-free dentistry. “We strongly emphasise the role of prevention, we believe it’s THE “secret” key to a “Healthy Smile for Life” and we try to communicate this to our DUO SMILE clients and to the public. With excellent and consistent preventative care can people expect really good results,” explains Dr Eva Luskačová.

Their patients praise Eva and Hana on their professional, empathetic, kind, and friendly attitude and for their great skills as dentists. The review section of their Facebook page proves that they come highly recommended.

Dr Hana Luskačová says that, in her experience, 9 out of 10 patients complain of bleeding gums, a sign of inflammation. That’s one of the reasons why they decided to prepare and share a short guide to the prevention of gum disease.

Today’s topic: Gum bleeding and complex health.

The mouth is the beginning of your respiratory and digestive tract. Therefore health of the oral cavity is critically important to your general health.

Did you know that gum disease (bleeding gums, swelling, sensitivity and redness) and tooth decay (watch the DUO smile video at the end of the article) are among the most common bacterial infections?

However, they are very easy to prevent!

Brushing technique and flossing is essential.

DUO SMILE Tip: Salt Water Mouthwash

  • Mix one teaspoon of salt into 125ml of almost boiling water, ideally filtered (nonfluorinated, nonchlorinated). The hot water will activate and dissolve the salt. You may add a drop of an essential oil, and shake it, don’t stir it!
  • And your mouthwash is ready!
  • Sip a bit – swish, swish, swish rigorously and spit.
  • Repeat it 2-3 times a day or hourly if you have a more severe inflammation.

Why Salt Water?

It turns the pH of our mouths alkaline, therefore eliminating microbes. Salt rinses are not only great when you are suffering from bleeding gums, but they are also beneficial as a preventative measure or when you have a mouth sore or ulcer, or after tooth removal or tooth replacement (implant surgery). DUO SMILE agree 100% with the Czech saying “sůl nad zlato” (“Salt Over Gold”).

Would you like to know more? Contact DUO SMILE.

Video: How to never have a dental decay (cavity) again.

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