Drivers Will No Longer Need to Pay for Parking at Bobycentrum

The City of Brno has been involved in a long proprietary dispute in the “za Lužánkami” area (Ponava) with entrepreneur Libor Procházka, who has been charging parking and entry fees for drivers, especially during big events at the Laser Show Hall near Bobycentrum. City officials have declared this practice illegitimate and called for Procházka to cease his activity. Photo credit: Martin Strachoň / Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 4.0].

Brno, Jan 11 (BD) – “The City of Brno is of the opinion that all roads that are on land owned by the City of Brno also belong to the City of Brno. That’s why we did not consider these activities legitimate and asked Mr. Procházka and his company in writing to desist. We are interested in negotiating and have offered him a specific date [for a meeting],” said Tomáš Koláčný (Piráti), Deputy Mayor for City Property.

Currently, all roads around Bobycentrum are accessible without restrictions or fees. Charges are no longer collected at the adjacent parking lot, but there are still obstacles preventing drivers from entering. The City is still working on a resolution to the situation.

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