No Flu Epidemic in the South Moravian Region

The disease remains sporadic for now. Photo credit: Freepik

Brno, Jan 15 (BD) – According to an 11 January press release by Dr. Renata Ciupek of the South Moravian Regional Hygiene Authority (KHS JMK), the region has not been hit by a flu epidemic this year; the number of new cases of flu is at roughly the same level as before Christmas, and the disease remains sporadic for now.

Chart: Acute respiratory infection (ARI) in South Moravia. A number of ARI cases per 100 000 citizens, 2nd week, 2019. Source: KHS JMK.

The situation is monitored by compiling reports from 186 adult GPs and 106 paediatric GPs from across the region, and updated regularly.

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