Trouble with Snoring? DUO SMILE, Brno’s English-Speaking Dentists, Present the ‘Anti-Snore Guard’ for Peaceful Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for our wellbeing. Brno’s DUO SMILE Dental Care can help;  today, the internationally-minded doctors Eva and Hana Luskačová, based on Pekařská, will present the special “Anti-Snore Guard” – a comfortable and effective aid to your peaceful and healthy sleep. Photo credit:

Identical twin sisters Eva and Hana Luskačová founded DUO SMILE Dental Care in 2017, with the idea of taking a holistic approach to medicine and preventative, minimally invasive, pain-free dentistry.

Good patient care requires professional experience; great patient care requires listening to, understanding and responding to the patient’s needs. DUO SMILE believes in the role of prevention and actively promotes it to the public, from little things such as regularly sharing low-carbohydrates recipes on their increasingly popular Facebook page and engaging with the international community in Brno through explanatory videos, to providing premium complex dental care including aesthetic treatments. Visit their website to see their services and prices.

DUO SMILE is currently preparing a new service for their patients – the completely preventative ‘DUO SMILE Preventative Spa’. “We are so very excited, we started works on the new spa this week. Our guests can look forward to treating their body, mind and soul,” said Dr Hana Luskačová.

Today, in collaboration with DUO SMILE, we will take a look at a very effective snoring remedy to help give you or your loved ones a night of healthy sleep: the Anti-Snore Guard.

Do You or Your Partner Snore?

YES? You’re not alone. Snoring affects 34% of the adult population, a rate which significantly increases after the age of 35. Snoring affects your sleeping patterns significantly.

Should You be Concerned?

YES! An evidence-based approach to medicine, using findings from the best available research, it suggests that a good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your health. Sleep plays an important role in good health and mental, physical and emotional well-being. Loss of sleep can contribute to various health problems, with short-term effects including increased stress, mood swings, and impaired concentration. Long-term effects include an increased risk of diabetes, breast cancer, high blood pressure, depression, strokes, and obesity.

Adults should aim for seven to eight hours of quality sleep each night to function optimally. Sleep provides the body and mind with a chance to rest and shut off for the night, giving the body an opportunity to repair and restore itself.

Ask DUO SMILE, and more restful nourishing sleep may await you in the near future…

What Can Cause Snoring?

Most typically, snoring is caused by poor muscle tone of the tongue and throat. This causes the tongue to fall backwards in the throat resulting in restricted airflow and vibration of soft tissues. The narrower this passageway becomes, the greater the vibrations and the louder the snore.

Snoring is, therefore, a mechanical process that can be counteracted mechanically, which is where the dental therapy comes into play.

Wear the “Anti-Snore Guard” for restful nourishing sleep: Comfortable and effective, the guard consists of one transparent splint for the upper jaw and one for the lower jaw. The lower jaw is held in a position that counteracts the narrowing of the respiratory tracts.

Anti-Snore Guard. Source:

Let your family and friends know that DUO SMILE can help.

Get your hands on the “Anti-Snore Guard” and make 2019 a year of productivity and prosperity. In January DUO SMILE is offering 10% off, so don’t hesitate to book in your appointment.

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