City Authorities Select Legal Representatives for Property Dispute with Local Businessman

At a meeting on Wednesday 16 January, the city council chose law firm Havel, Kuchař, Ryšavá (HKR), a specialist in property law, as its legal representatives in the city’s ongoing dispute with local businessman Libor Procházka. Photo credit: @BrnoDaily (updated).

Brno, Jan 22 (BD) – The move follows a resolution adopted by the city council on 11 December. Procházka and his companies have been charging drivers for entry and parking on land in the Ponava area of Brno, near the Bobycentrum Arena, a practice that city officials have argued is illegal.

The city has selected Deputy Attorney Adam Zítko, a specialist in property law with 20 years experience. Commenting on the appointment, Deputy Mayor Tomáš Koláčný said that “I consider Zítko to be one of the leading law experts in the field of law in the country. Right from tomorrow, we will start preparing legal steps to tackle unauthorized parking fees, which have been repeatedly occurring in Ponava in recent weeks.”

You can read more about this story in our previous article: “Drivers Will No Longer Need to Pay for Parking at Bobycentrum”.

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