New Data Reveals Trends among Visitors to Brno

The results of a survey carried out among tourists visiting Brno in Spring 2018 provide an analysis of changing patterns in the town’s tourism profile, which will be used by the city’s tourism authorities to improve services in 2019. Photo credit: KK.

Brno, Jan 22 (BD) – Brno’s tourism strategy is outlined in a long-term plan known as the Tourism Program 2016-2020 [“Program cestovního ruchu 2016-2020”]. Among other things, this strategy set an aim of increasing tourist traffic to Brno by 25% in the time specified. This goal is already well on its way to being achieved, with the number of tourists visiting Brno rising from 590,000 in 2016 to 723,000 in 2017.

However, the city’s tourism authorities are interested not only in the number of tourists arriving, but also their profile. For this reason they have carried out an in-depth analysis of tourists in Brno, by means of a survey, covering such areas as the age and origin of visitors, reasons for the visit, methods of transport used, leisure activities, and their level of satisfaction during their visit. The first survey of this kind was carried out in Autumn 2017, and results have just been released for the follow-up survey which took place in May and June last year.

Around 1500 surveys were completed, and the results showed that 23% of the visitors were young adults, 22% families with children, 21% students and 15% families without children. This represents a slight increase from 2017 in the proportion of young adults and students, which are target groups for the city’s tourism strategy.

Among domestic visitors to Brno, 65% were from Moravia, of whom 47% were from the South Moravian Region. Among foreign visitors, 83% were from other parts of Europe, with 57% of those coming from neighbouring countries.

Most respondents said that they organised their trip to Brno themselves, with around two fifths travelling to the city by train.

The survey found a satisfaction rate of 93%.

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