Four Ensembles from Abroad and from Other Czech Cities Take to the Ballet NdB Stage in January and February

The turn of January and February 2019 will see four fascinating dance shows; the Ballet of the National Theater Brno (NdB) has invited some special guests from the Czech and international scenes. Title photo: Charity Awards Gala. Credit: Francesco Grilo ph. // Courtesy of NdB.

Brno, Jan 23 (BD) – The first guests will be the lively Slovak folklore ensemble Lúčnica, who will perform a show dedicated to the memory of Professor Štefan Nosál, Lúčnica’s long-time art director, on Saturday January 26, 2019, at Janacek Theatre. Lúčnica will showcase the rich Slovak folk traditions of dance, music and costumes, combining the artistry and athleticism of ballet with elements of Slovak folk. The original show will be interpreted by young dancers, excelling in technique and spontaneous expression.

On January 29 at Janacek Theatre, the Hungarian National Ballet Budapest will present a composite program of choreographies by international names entitled “Limitless”. The well-known choreography “Troy Game – with Amazons” by Robert North will kick off the show, a witty dance parody on “macho men” with a purely male cast, but this time performed only by women. This will be followed by “Bedroom Folk”, by Israeli choreography duo Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar. The highlight of the evening will be “The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude”, by the legendary globally-renowned choreographer William Forsythe. This tribute to classical technique is today considered one of the most demanding short ballets ever.

Bedroom Folk. Photo by Attila Nagy. Courtesy of NdB.

The Ballet of the J. K. Tyl Theatre in Pilsen will return to Brno after two years with a dance performance entitled “Manon”, set to the music of Alexander Glazunov, on February 3, 2019 at Mahen Theater. This international classic premiered last season with the neo-classical choreography of Filip Veverka.

Manon. Photo: courtesy of NdB.

This series of performances will be brought to a close on February 9, 2019 at the Mahen Theater with the “Charity Awards Gala”, a novelty gala concert featuring young ballet talent that will take place both in Brno and Vienna. The Brno audience will have a chance to see the winners of the “European Ballet Grand Prix”, an international competition of talented young ballet dancers that took place in Vienna, as well as European ballet stars and the soloists of the Ballet NdB.

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