South Moravia: Heavy Snowfall Causes Car Accidents and Delays to Public Transport

Several inches of fresh snow settled in South Moravia overnight between Sunday and Monday and on Monday morning. The fire department and police officers were called out to an increased number of accidents, and the weather caused severe delays to public transport in Brno, especially trolleybuses and buses in the morning. Photo credit: HZS JMK.

Brno, Jan 28 (BD) – “Due to the heavy snowfall, we have attended twenty traffic accidents throughout the region,” said Jaroslav Mikoška, spokesman of the South Moravia Fire Department (HZS JMK) this morning. Accidents have been reported across the city, including on important roads such as Slovákova, Masná, and Tábor. Czech Police have asked drivers to postpone car journeys until later: “The snow is complicating the traffic situation on most roads. Some roads are not passable by car, so if you can, postpone your journey. Follow police instructions.”

Brno Transport Company (DPMB) has reported numerous delays due to the complicated situation on the roads. Passengers on tram lines 3, 11, 8 and others suffered delays of up to half an hour this morning. Trolleybus lines 32, 34, and 36 were delayed about 15 minutes due to the accident on Slovákova.

“Due to the snowfall, we have problems with accessibility on the roads that is having an impact on trolleybus and bus lines across Brno, with expected delays of up to 60 minutes,” DPMB announced on its website at 5:40 AM.

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) issued a warning for South Moravia for this morning due to the heavy snowfall, which ended at 2 PM. The warning level was yellow – low risk. According to CHMI: “On Monday morning (28.1) there was new snow with a depth of about 7 cm, with about 10 cm of new snow in the east.”

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