New Land-Use Plan for Brno To Be Completed by 2022

The new land-use plan will replace the previous document, which has been in force since 1994 and requires updating to reflect recent developments in the city. Photo credit: KK.

Brno, Jan 30 (BD) – The law requires Czech municipalities to update their land-use plans by 2022. According to Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková (ODS), the city is on track to reach that deadline: “Creating a new land-use plan is one of the main goals we have set. The current land-use plan is considerably obsolete and is limiting the city’s development. We are intensively engaged in this matter and we have prepared a schedule for its preparation after joint discussions with the Department of Territorial Development and the Office of the Brno City Architect. Thanks to the work of everyone involved, I believe that we will be able to meet the deadline of 2022.”

The development of the land-use plan will involve consultations with the public. According to Deputy Mayor Petr Hladík (KDU-ČSL): “As part of the timetable for the preparation of the new land-use plan, of course, we are counting on the participation of the citizens of the city. We will have at least two public hearings to help people make their comments.”

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