30 New Apartments in the Center of Brno To Be Made Available For Socially Disadvantaged Families

The flats will be newly-renovated vacant apartments in a range of locations across the Brno-Center District. Photo: Koliště. Credit: KK.

Brno, Feb 2 (BD) –   At a meeting on Wednesday, Brno City Council approved a proposal to repurpose 30 city centre apartments for use as social housing for disadvantaged families, which will now go to the City Assembly for final approval. The project involves apartments which are currently vacant but are in poor condition. The properties are being provided by Brno-Center District and are located on Bratislavská, Cejl, Koliště, Křídlovická, Plynárenská, Příční, Přízova, Rumiště, Stará, Špitálka and Václavská. As the apartments are situated in various locations, this means the new apartments will not be concentrated in just a few residential buildings.

The new social housing will be accompanied by the provision of social services for the residents. Social workers will support the residents to reduce their social exclusion, stabilize their financial situations, and improve child education, employment, and access to health care. “I am glad that the council has recommended to the assembly that work should continue on this project and they should allow it to be launched. I believe it will be successful and will help the clients to get better involved in life,” said Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková (ODS).

The project will be open to a wider range of citizens than previous similar projects, including not only homeless people, but also senior citizens, young people leaving children’s homes or halfway houses, disabled people in residential care homes, and others. Robert Kerndl (ODS), Deputy Mayor for Social Services, explained the expansion: “We want to continue to expand the spectrum of those who can access similar services. We want to help people who have to sleep on the street, but also seniors, single parents, or people leaving health facilities. As a result we are reaching a larger target group, and trying to offer social services to the greatest possible number of people.”

The total cost of the project is estimated to be CZK 29 million, with a subsidy from the Integrated Regional Operational Program due to cover CZK 26 million. Social housing in the renovated dwellings will be provided in the form of a 20-year lease.

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