Masaryk University’s “Fakescape” Win, and Continuing to Fight Fake News

Securing second place at the prestigious Peer to Peer – Facebook Global Digital Challenge, Masaryk University students’ creation will continue countering fake news. Photo: Fakescape team in Washington D.C. // Credit:

Brno, Feb 5 (BD) – After embarking on their journey to Washington, D.C., a team of six students led by Miloš Gregor and Petra Vejvodová from Masaryk University have returned home to the Czech Republic – winning second place in the Facebook-sponsored global competition.

With the creation of “Fakescape”, a game designed to teach the concept of distinguishing between real and fake news, the game brings an improvement to the community. The game educates people on distinguishing reality from fantasy, thus contributing to people’s development.

Though the competition has ended, the movement brought upon by “Fakescape” is not over. Tereza Kráčmarová has informed Brno Daily that the team plans to “create an English version, as well as bring it to the international scene – to Sweden, Hungary, Macedonia, and other countries”.

Currently a classroom-based game, a game for the national level is in the works. Numerous competitions aimed at high school students in different cities in the Czech Republic are planned, with the final round of the competition being planned to take place in Brno.

For more information on “Fakescape” before its win, you can refer to another Brno Daily article: Fakescape: An Educational Game Developed By Czech Students To Counter Fake News Will Compete in a Facebook-sponsored Competition in Washington.

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