Design Your Own Tram to Celebrate 150 Years of Public Transport in Brno!

Are you dreaming of a tram that looks exactly how you want it? Brno Transport Company (DPMB) is calling for members of the public to submit designs for two new special 150th anniversary trams, to be rolled out in Brno at the end of the year. Image: Templates by DPMB.

Brno, Feb 12 (BD) – The competition is named “Tramvaj pro Brno”. There are some conditions that the designs must meet: they must be in the Brno colours of red and white and feature only flat line graphics, with no curved lines, patterns, or pictures. They must also take account of the shape of the tram and leave the windows and doors clear. Proposals must be submitted before 10am on February 28, at which point DPMB will select a shortlist of five designs, which will then go to a public vote to decide on a winner, which will then become the standard design for new trams.

The five shortlisted entries will each receive a copy of a book, “150 Years of Public Transport in Brno”, and the winner will also win a one-year Brno travel ticket, the iconic šalinakarta.

For more details on “Tramvaj pro Brno”, the conditions, and how to enter, visit their website

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