“Future Gate” Sci-Fi Film Festival Re-Materializes in Brno

The films will be shown in NoArt and the Brno Planetarium. Title Image: Courtesy of Future Gate.

The Future Gate festival is returning to Brno, this year with the theme “Svět není hračka” [“The World is not a Toy”], focusing on the theme of our environment and its possible futures. As the festival’s Facebook page explains, “Science fiction films carry predictions, warnings, ends of civilization and hope – the boundary between speculation and fiction is rarely less clear. We will present not only some possible destinies of our home planet, but of course the possible futures of its inhabitants on a cosmic level.”

The festival will open on Wednesday 6 March at NoArt at Radnická 4, with a documentary “Do you trust this computer?”, profiling some of the main thinkers and innovators trying to make artificial intelligence a reality, followed by “Lajka”, a Hungarian comedy about the early days of space travel (only Czech subtitles). Thursday will see screenings at both NoArt and the Brno Planetarium, before the program moves completely to the Planetarium from Friday to Sunday.

The program will include something for everyone: not just feature films, but also short film compilations, a sci-fi film quiz night, a Red Dwarf marathon (dubbed into Czech), and a concert by the Prague Film Orchestra to close the event on Sunday evening.

Several of the screenings during the festival will be English-friendly. As Filip Schauer, a spokesman for the festival, told Brno Daily: “We are trying to get this event to as many fans as possible in Brno. Films will be screen in the originals with English subtitles, unless otherwise stated.”

For more information on the festival and to check which screenings will be available in English, check the Facebook page for the event or the festival website.

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