In Pictures: Voting Underway to Choose Design for Zone 2 of Nová Zbrojovka

Voting has opened this week to choose between three possible designs for Zone 2 of the Nová Zbrojovka complex, an extensive redevelopment of the former armaments factory to the east of the city centre. Visualization: Kuba & Pilař architekti s.r.o.

Brno, Feb 17 (BD) – Zone 2 is the part of the complex where the main entrance was located, and includes the building formerly used as the headquarters for the factory, which architects were asked to preserve in their proposals for the zone. Designer architects also had to consider the preservation of the front facades of the original production facilities.

Proposals also included public spaces, parking areas and a mix of administrative, retail and residential buildings, to create a pleasant access route into the area. The zone is also connected to the military hospital and a monastery complex.

Designs for the six zones are all being chosen separately; proposed designs for the central Zone 5, for example, are currently out for public consultation (Read more in our previous story: “Eleven Proposals For New Design of Zone 5 of Nová Zbrojovka Open For Public Consultation”).

Voting began this week for the Zone 2 design, with three different proposals included in the vote.

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You can view the three proposals and cast your vote at the project website.

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