Efforts by Brno to Improve Dolní Nádraží: A New Addition

A parking lot which is to be a designated “kiss and ride” will be added as a drop off point for the station’s passengers. Photo Credit: KK.

Brno, Feb 20 (BD) – The city of Brno will be modifying the traffic signs at the intersection on Trnitá and Rosická, in order to make way for a so-called “kiss and ride” area. This area will be for vehicles which will be quickly dropping off passengers for Dolní Nádraží, and will be having the capacity of 5 cars at the same time.

The mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková, said, “the last Brno government was behind [in terms of planning for the usage of Dolní Nádraží during the closure of the main train station], so we could not properly prepare the station. We are doing everything we can to improve the situation gradually, so that everyone can enjoy the highest comfort for as long as possible. I believe that people will appreciate our efforts.”

As the first step, the bus stop of the shuttle bus 61 connecting Dolní Nádraží with the main train station was placed closer to the Dolní Nádraží station two weeks ago.

Dolní Nádraží is the temporary station that is being used for most of the rail traffic in and out of Brno while extensive works are being carried out at the main station – works that are scheduled to take around a year to finish. In recognition of how long this situation will be in place, the city announced some revitalisation of the area around Dolní Nádraží.

Eight new “exhibition containers” will be placed there at the turn of April and May. The surroundings of the station will be revamped, including adding more greenery. The exhibition containers will serve as information stands, waiting rooms, and bathrooms. There will be spaces for food trucks and bike sharing, exhibitions, and a Czech Railways information board. (Read more in our previous story: “Lower Station in Brno to Get a “Facelift” in Spring”).

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