Video: Income and Standard of Living in the Czech Republic

Video “Salary Levels and Standard of Living in Prague and Brno, 2019”. Photo credit: Courtesy of Jobspin.

Brno, Mar 6 (BD) – “It’s amazing here. I see myself living here for a long time,” says Perry Mattey, a 27-year-old working in Brno. Coming from a variety in backgrounds and jobs, Jobspin interviewed four people on their wages and work – the interviewees willingly shared their experiences on working in the Czech Republic.

If you are curious about how working in Czechia is like, the interviewees were expats aged between 27-45 years, with jobs in Brno or Prague. Conducted at the end of 2018, the questions revolved around the wages, and how it chalks up to their living standards.

“Since we get a lot of questions on social media from prospective expats to the Czech Republic, we wanted to make a short video to see what the foreigners who were already here, had to say,” explains Angelo Casadei, the Creative Director of Jobspin, when asked about the inspiration to conduct the interviews and creating the video.

“We want to show you how the ratio of your money you earned can be spent. When you see a job advertisement with the salary, you aren’t sure about how much the money is really worth – how much will go to accommodation, and living costs,” Kateřina Kukrechtová, the Sales and Marketing Manager of Jobspin, adds.

The interviewees were asked questions in relation to the amount of time it took to find a job, as well as how their wages are. The interviewees mentioned that between 40-55% of their earnings go towards accommodation. Aside from this, the interviewees compared their living standards to their wages, and the average wages in the Czech Republic.

“Across Europe, the Czech Republic has an unemployment rate of 2.8% – some economists say there might be a crisis in the next 2 years,” says Paul Myers, the General Manager of People Matter, a recruitment and consultancy company based in Prague. Aside from expats, among the interviewees were experts in relocation services, who provided advice on immigrating to the Czech Republic.

At the end of 2018, the average wage for a full-time worker in the Czech Republic was around CZK 31,500. Although, Only around a third of the population earn more than the average wage amount – and this indicator does not perfectly reflect the population’s living standards.

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