“Brno Hraje Curling” Open Day Gives Brno Residents The Chance To Try Curling

The 1. CK Brno curling club are hosting a two-day event, with the aim of giving members of the public the chance to try curling for the first time. Photo: Freepik.

Brno, Apr 1 (BD) – The event will take place at Uvoz elementary school near Konecneho namesti on Tuesday and Wednesday (April 2 and 3), between 8am and 11pm. The club are taking advantage of the end of the school’s hockey season to open the ice rink to the public before it is closed for the summer. There will be three lanes open to everyone as well as two lanes reserved for children.

Those wanting to try only need to bring comfortable loose-fitting clothes and clean shoes; all other equipment will be provided by the club. It is possible but not essential to book in advance – you can contact the club by visiting the Facebook page for the event.

The aim of the event is to raise interest in curling in Brno. 1. CK Brno was formed 23 years ago but there is still nowhere to play the sport in Brno, and all competitions therefore have to take place in Prague. According to Mirek Kubera, one of the organisers: “We hope that this event will initiate a bigger interest in our sport. And hopefully, one day we will have a special curling hall. The town of Brno is big enough for this, and there are also a lot of students so we know that a curling hall would be full from morning to evening.”

As well as that, the other aim of the event is simply to have fun. As Kubera added: “Our wish is that the people who come and try to play curling want to continue practising and playing in curling competitions or just for fun. We would like everyone who tries curling to leave with the feeling of having had a good time, and with a wish to return one day.”

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