Police are Investigating Monday’s Accident as Negligence

Police are investigating Monday’s tram and trolleybus accident on Křenová Street in Brno as general negligence. Photo: Policie CR.

Brno, Apr 4 (BD) – South Moravian Fire Department and South Moravian Emergency Services report 40 injured people in total, out of which 13 suffered medium and serious injuries.

“The most likely cause of the collision is a technical fault on the trolleybus. The results of the expert examination will be crucial for the next procedure,” said Pavel Šváb of South Moravian Police Department on April 3.

The police are asking all the injured from the accident on Monday to contact the case investigator, if they have not already done so.

They can make a phone call to 974 628 311 during business hours.

The police are currently not sharing details on the accident, in order to avoid influencing the investigation.

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