Four Wounded in Accident at Úvoz

In the late hours of last night, two cars collided in the center of Brno – causing injuries to four people. Photos by ZZS JMK.

Brno, Apr 5 (BD) – At around 11:00 PM last night, on April 4, a collision between two vehicles required the emergency services. A doctor, three medics, and a traffic inspector were sent to the scene.

According to the South Moravian Emergency Medical Services (ZZS JMK), a young woman was rushed to the University Hospital, as she was suffering from moderate to severe injuries.

The other victims, two young men and a woman, suffered minor injuries and were brought to other Brno medical facilities for treatment.

Úvoz street was closed due to the accident. The fire department from Lidicka station arrived to the scene, and removed the debris and leaked liquids from the damaged vehicles in about an hour. The road was reopened by 11:45 PM.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”124″ gal_title=”Accident on Úvoz – April 4, 2019. Photo credit: ZZS JMK.”]

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