Deutsche Telekom’s First-Ever Hackathon Offers Employment Opportunities

Since 2016, Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Czech Republic has been growing rapidly in Brno. Hosting the first hackathon outside of Germany, DTSE CZ is preparing their hackathon in Brno – perfect for innovative people who are looking to gain experience and work in the IT sector. Image: Courtesy of DTSE CZ.

Brno, Apr 16 (BD) – “It’s an opportunity to land a lucrative internship, a trip to the Telekom Design Gallery in the Headquarters in Bonn, Germany or a job within our Data Analytics team,” said the organizers, who are a part of the Strategy and Business Development team at DTSE CZ.

The upcoming hackathon on May 17 until May 19 will not only be a competition in Machine Learning and Text Mining – it will also be a significant opportunity for networking, connecting, and providing a forum for engagement between people with a common purpose.

“We are eager to meet people with interest in python, natural language processing, data/text mining, machine learning and who are team players and communicative!” the organizers exclaimed.

The hackathon participants will be able to interact with Managing Director and professionals, who are already working in this field of technology. “We will create an environment of learning, open mindedness, experience sharing with Deutsche Telekom experts and leaders who are passionate about innovation and technology,” explained the organizers.

Besides the tasks and competition, participants will learn first-hand how DTSE’s data scientists work – how they feel, what they tackle everyday, and what motivates them in their career at DTSE.

“DTSE CZ aims to give talents and experts an opportunity to apply creativity and expertise in solving very specific, real-life cases. We want to include talented people in our digital transformation and innovation journey,” the organizers added.

When asked for the reason for the unconventional route of scouting for talents, the organizers told Brno Daily, “With the DTSE team and participants spending 2 days together, the hackathon will be an intensive and in-depth experience – both for candidates, who will benefit by learning and networking, and for DTSE colleagues, who will get a much better picture about the participants’ skills than in a regular short assessment center.”

The hackathon will be taking place at the Deutsche Telekom Services Europe office, in Holandská 859/3, 639 00, Brno, Czech Republic. You can register yourself on their official website. Bring your laptop and your passion –  coffee and snacks will be available throughout the day!

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