Previously Inaccesible Part of Capuchin Terraces Opened in a Ceremony on Tuesday Afternoon

The Capuchin Terraces were opened today in a ribbon-cutting ceremony, at 3:00 PM. They were under renovation since last autumn. Photo credit: Zenon Moreau.

Brno, Apr 23 (BD) – The event was attended by First Deputy Mayor Petr Hladík, and Director of Public Greenery of the City of Brno, Jozef Kasala.

The recently opened part of Petrov park was scheduled to open this month. It included restoration of the deformed masonry in the area, and building a new perimeter structure.

Though it is now visitable and open to the public, the area will not be open throughout the night. “Like the Tyrsuv Sad, the terraces will be locked for the night,” according to Brno Municipality.

The foundation stone of the Capuchin monastery was laid in 1604. The courtyard of the monastery was landscaped. Life of the monastery was dependent on contributions from benefactors, typically the nobility and wealthy burghers. The Capuchin brothers grew their own food in the garden or on the borrowed land – the rest was given to them by people or other monasteries.

Originally there were vineyards, then a utility garden. The terraces with the fountain and exposition of geological exhibits were created during the renovation of the Bishop’s Court in the 1960s; then, the view of Petrov opened.

In 1995, a stone cross was erected in honor of the poet and journalist Jan Zahradníček, and other victims of oppression in the years of 1948–1989 on the highest terrace, which has the view of the whole garden. Constant problems with the retaining walls were the main reason for the extensive renovation project, that has been gradually restoring six terraces with grass grades and fountains.

Read more about the Capuchin Terraces and its renovation in our previous article, “A Currently Inaccessible Part of Gardens under Petrov to Open to the Public this Spring”.

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