Retro Trolleybus Returns to Brno

The trolleybus, which provided transportation for passengers from the 80’s and 90’s, returns to its hometown. Photo credit: DPMB.

Brno, May 16 (BD) – “This is not something that happens every day, and I am proud that we managed to return the 9Tr trolley back to Brno, where it originated. My predecessors once welcomed it as a new vehicle, and now we welcome it as a historic and unique artifact to expand our collection of retro-style vehicles,” said Miloš Havránek, CEO of the Brno Transport Company (DPMB).

After repainting the vehicle to its original colors of red and cream, the trolleybus will be used for occasional trips. “We assume that a general overhaul will be required, which will replace almost all the components in the vehicle to meet all safety standards. These repairs will last at least a year. We will be able to estimate costs only after a thorough technical inspection the car,” explained Havránek.

DPMB put the Škoda 9Tr into service in the 1980’s, and with modernization and development, came the gradual phasing out of the vehicle model. The 9Tr trolleybuses were then sold, and a few of them ended up in Rovno, Ukraine.

The specific trolleybus which DPMB procured was also from Rovno, and is now back in the city of Brno to represent an era of vintage vehicles used for transportation. Its procurement is also perfectly aligned with this year’s commemoration: the 70th anniversary of trolleybus transportation in Brno. The first trolleybus in the city operated on July 30, 1949 – on a route from Brno’s Hlavní Nádraží, to Slatina.

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