What’s Up Brno? – Events in Brno, Week n°21

Welcome to “What’s Up in Brno?” – where every Sunday, we will offer you an overview of the city events for the next week! We list only English-friendly events, otherwise it is mentioned in the event description. Image: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, May 19 (BD) – If you haven’t slept enough last night for Museum Night, you will have until this Friday to feel better for “Night of the Churches”! If you prefer gaming, the Game Access Conference is coming on Friday; if you love fireworks, Ignis Brunesis is on the same day. Otherwise, you still can enjoy music, art and food in Brno as usual!

Today is the last chance for you to visit the Potmě Cafe bus! The bus is parked in the Kraví hora observatory park. You have until 5 PM to experiment with different animations, putting you in the shoes of visually-impaired people, and enjoy drinks. You can find more information here (only in Czech).

On Tuesday come at 6 PM to the Brno House of Arts for the “Laterna Magika: (De)construction and (Re)invention” exhibition opening. This exhibition presents and showcases materials used in specific multimedia productions of Laterna Magika that have not been previously published and presented, including some archival documents and film scenes. You can find more information in English about the exhibition here. It is available to be visited by the public until the end of July.

Can’t find something you like in your closet? Don’t worry, the Brno Fashion Bazar is here! On Wednesday from 10 AM to 4 PM you can walk in and check out new and second hand clothes for every size, age and color! Find more on their facebook event!

Marvel at the many churches in the city at Night of the Churches on Friday evening. After the huge success of last year’s edition, the churches will open their doors again and night-time pilgrims will have the opportunity to enter places that are normally hidden to public eye. Visitors can see the history, art and architecture that churches can offers. The events start at 6 PM, and you can find more information on the official event website (in Czech).

You have been waiting for this moment for a year, and now it is back! Come and be amazed by the Starobrno Ignis Brunensis Fireworks competition, which will take place at the Brno Dam between June 1 and June 12. A special show will be presented on May 24 over the Špilberk Castle. The event is for free. More info and specific dates in English can be found on the official website.

We announced it a couple of weeks ago, so that you had time to prepare yourselves – the Ponava Festival is finally back in town! From Friday to Sunday live music performances, workshops, poetry and art for everyone will fill the city with life; don’t miss out! The attendance is free, and you can find the whole program on the official website of the event.

Meet game developers and enthusiasts from all over the world at the Game Access 2019! From May 24 to May 26 you can attend conferences, panels with professionals and over 70+ indie game developers presenting their games, and even a crazy party at the Brno Observatory! You can find the complete program with all the guests on the official website! Tickets for the 3-day event starts from CZK 950, and you can buy them here.

Curious about the European dream? You’re in luck! “European Dream!” is the main theme of this year’s Divadelní svět Brno (Theatre World Brno) – one of the biggest and most prestigious theater festivals in Central Europe. From May 24 to May 28 more than 500 performers will come to Brno from all over the world with their exhibitions. You can purchase the Festival Pass – 25% off the total price if you buy 4 or more tickets – and students can ask for a 50% discount on the ticket price. Check out our previous article, Theater World – Dazzling International Event in Brno, or find the complete program on the official website.

Craving for new and exciting flavors? Experience exotic food at the Extreme Food and Travel Festival on Saturday. From 10 AM you can challenge yourself to eat insects (some say they actually taste like chicken) – or if you don’t feel brave enough, you can challenge others in an eating contest. You can find more information on the official Facebook event. The tickets cost CZK 150 and they are available for purchase online.

Prepared by Manuele Siciliano and Zenon Moreau.

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