Video: Police Pursuit of Fugitive Ends In Car Crash In Park

One police officer spotted a convicted felon who had fled the beginning of his prison sentence, and gave chase. Photo credit: Police ČR.

Brno, May 22 (BD) – The officer was on patrol on Žarošická (Brno-Vinohrady) when he spotted the man behind the wheel of a car. When the man saw the police car approaching, he drove away quickly. While driving down Blatnická, the fugitive attempted to shake the police off by driving onto a track into Akátky park. However, the police driver followed, continuing the pursuit.

A couple of hundred metres down the track, the fugitive lost control of his vehicle and crashed into some trees. He tried to escape on foot after the accident but was captured, and finally sent to serve his sentence. Only now he has wrecked his car as well.

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