In Photos: Exhibition on the Works of Brno’s First Librarian: Jiří Mahen

The Moravian Library (MZK) is commemorating 80 years since Jiří Mahen’s death. Mahen is a well-known Czech playwright, novelist, and the founder of Brno’s Public Library. Photo credit: Zenon Moreau.

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Brno, May 29 (BD) – The exhibition will showcase Mahen’s efforts and merits as an organiser and promoter of librarianship, during the interwar period of Czechoslovakia. “Jiří Mahen, the National Librarian” will run until June 26.

Visitors of the exhibition can get acquainted with Jiří Mahen’s views on librarianship, the memories of his co-workers in the library, his books, and more. Mahen was not only a librarian – he was also a playwright and a novelist, who wrote fairy tales for children. Additionally, he was an editor of Lidové noviny, which is the oldest Czech daily newspaper.

Mahen’s passion for fish and fishing are also be seen through the books on display. The exhibition is also accompanied by caricatures of Mahen, made by various artists, including Josef Lada, Adolf Hoffmeister and Jaroslav Král.

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