New Installation Near Malinovského Nám. Imagines the Brno of the Future

The new installation, entitled “Kam kráčíš, Brno” [Where are you going, Brno?] will feature a series of exhibitions, lectures, workshops and themed walks, focused on the future of Brno and its residents. Photo: KK.

Brno, May 30 (BD) – The installation opened on May 25 in the empty space behind the Centrum building near Malinovského náměstí, known as Pohořelec. Lectures and screenings will take place here in the afternoon and evening hours, touching on the environment, housing or even sports. As well as the normal furniture, the structure designed by “Architects for Pohořelec” includes an unusual “inflatable”.

According to the designers of the installation, Viktor Odstrčilík of KOGAA Studio and Vojtěch Lekeš from the NEXT Institute: “The visible inflatable design makes it possible to see the volume of one tonne of CO2. This helps visitors to understand the climate change issue immediately. In addition, it is the ‘inflatable’ that will be the dominant element here, manufactured and delivered by a local company. The same applies to the outdoor furniture, which was also produced by Moravian and Czech companies.”

The festival, which will last until June 16, will not only take place at Pohořelec, according to Deputy Mayor Tomáš Koláčný: “We are planning several themed walks and excursions to introduce the development and functioning of the city to the people. For example, we will go to an incinerator that transforms waste into energy to heat houses, into a wastewater treatment plant that helps keep rivers clean, or into the Open Garden, where you can see how a passive house works. We will also demonstrate in the streets how visual smog works.”

The complete festival program and further information about the event can be found on the website #brno2050.

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