What’s Up Brno? – Events in Brno, Week n°23

Welcome to “What’s Up in Brno?” – where every Sunday, we will offer you an overview of the city events for the next week! We list only English-friendly events, otherwise it is mentioned in the event description. Image: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Jun 2 (BD) – The birds are chirping, summer is coming and that’s not all: the music festival season is here! Rock music, more fireworks, more beer and cocktails, motosurfing – and for those who want to relax, greenery, art and more are available!

Jan Vermouzek, a Czech programmer and photographer will be opening his new photography exhibition about his trip in Eastern Siberia on June 3 at 6 PM, at the Open Gardens. Before coming, you can learn more about the artist and go through his portfolio.

From Saturday in the same place, the Open Gardens Weekend will be hosting workshops by master florists, who will also be presenting traditional herbs. From 11 AM, there will be a guided tour of the gardens. The activities featured are in Czech, but you don’t need to speak a foreign language to enjoy nature and the smell of flowers! Find more on their Facebook page.

Artists have been long discussing the significance of art in public spaces. This and other thoughts guide the art exhibition Sculptures in the Streets 2019 – I am a dependent Object. On Tuesday at 6 PM the exhibition opens its door, and you can visit it until 11 August. Find more information and a full description of the exhibition on the museum website.

Were you impressed by the previous fireworks shows? Be prepared to be impressed twice as much with two more pyrotechnics shows in Brno this week! The colorful lights from Portugal and Philippines will be in the air on Wednesday and on Saturday. More information on the IGNIS Brunensis fireworks festival’s website.

Do you want to enjoy Saturday’s fireworks and make a good deed? Get on board the Charity Boat. Watch the fireworks from water while dancing to saxophonist, violinist and DJ music! Don’t forget to respect the sailor and to bring your retro dress code! Get your tickets here (drinks and food included in the price).

Summer is coming, and it’s time to surf! If you don’t know how to, come and see the surfers on June 6 at the MotoSurf WorldCup Brno 2019 at Brno Dam. We didn’t want to flood you with too much information, so find more on the Facebook event.

Immerse yourself in Czech traditions! Folk dance performances are scheduled everyday at 4:30 PM from Thursday to Saturday. The event will take place on Voříškova street. More information (only in Czech) available here.

Social life is better online, but if you REALLY have to go outside, why not go to the Fortnite Show at the Semilasso Culture Centre on June 8? More information can be found on the website (only in Czech).

Were the previous runs too easy for you? Do you prefer to workout instead? No worries, Workout Tour 2019 powered by Spartan will take place on June 8, making your weekend look more adventurous. Register online before coming for free and get more information here.

Napoleon didn’t go to Austerlitz to enjoy music, but you can! On Saturday, go to Slavkov u Brna castle and see 7 Czech popular bands at Topfest! More information on the festival’s website.

Cheers! Do you love cocktails and think you already know all of them? You might be surprised! Taste international flavours at Cocktail International 2019 on Saturday, outside Galerie Vaňkovka. The Facebook event will provide you more information.

Do you prefer beer? Brno’s event organizers never forget about you! In the Řečkovice brewery’s amphitheater on Palackého náměstí, Czech mini-breweries will have a lot to offer on the same day. All the details are here. Is it too far for you? In the afternoon another beer festival awaits you with music and beer in Bohunice. Get your tickets and more information by clicking here.

Gaze in awe at the stars like when you were a kid at DigiFest 2019! From Saturday at  2 PM you can watch the most interesting films made for digital planetariums that have been shot in the past year. The movies are in English, and you can check the program and buy the tickets on the Planetarium website.

Do you love the smell of old books? Do you want something new in your closet? Do you perhaps need a closet? Don’t worry, on Saturday from 3 PM the Alfa Passage Flea Market is back! Admission is free, and get a bargain by looking for valuable treasures!

If you are still not convinced that summer is coming, go to Summer FEST Boskovice on June 8. Czech-known punk, pop, rock and metal bands will attend the festival! Get your tickets by clicking here.

Let the rock music carry you into the summer at the Československý Rockfest 2019! Shake off your sweat by jumping and headbanging on Saturday with the most famous rock and metal bands from Czechia and Slovakia. The doors open at 11 AM, and you can see the whole line-up and buy the tickets on the official website.

Prepared by Manuele Siciliano and Zenon Moreau.

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