Czech Government Approves Increase In Funding For Brno MotoGP

The move follows a decision by the City of Brno in April to increase its own financial support for the event. Photo credit: MMB.

Brno, Jun 11 (BD) – On Monday, the Czech government approved a proposal to increase its grant to the Brno MotoGP by CZK 16 million, taking its total contribution to CZK 55 million. The move follows CZK 10 million that was guaranteed by Brno City Council in April, and should put the event on a sustainable financial footing, for this year’s event at least. (Read more in our previous article: “City of Brno To Provide Further Financial Support For The Moto GP”.)

Brno Mayor Marketa Vankova welcomed the news: “I am pleased that the government has finally increased its MotoGP subsidy this year. It is clear that without a significant contribution from the state, such a large project could not be organised. As a result, this year’s event should be financially secure. At the same time, I hope that negotiations will begin on future and, if possible, systemic support for this important race.”

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