Video: Three Citizens Help Catch a Thief in Brno Train Station Underpass

Thanks to three quick-thinking witnesses, the police managed to catch a thief who was trying to steal a purse in the underpass below Brno’s main train station. Photo credit: MPB.

Brno, Jun 11 (BD) – The 70-year-old saleswoman selling bags tried to protect her goods and detain the young man first, but he was too strong, and dragged her onto the staircase. “I couldn’t imagine he wouldn’t let go of the bag, so I fell and he dragged me,” said the woman. Three witnesses who saw the incident decided to act, and one of them eventually managed to catch the thief.

The woman said that she hadn’t suffered any injury.

“The man was detained in Nádražní street and calmed down by an officer from the city police who was checking the area. The officer handed him over to the state police as a criminal suspect,” reported the city police on social media.

Video: Facebook / Brno City Police (MPB)

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