Two Men Accused Of Racist Attack On Czech MP Given 15-Month Conditional Discharge

The men were originally charged with disorderly conduct and bodily harm, but the case was dropped on condition of no further offence being committed. Photo: Dominik Feri’s Instagram account.

Brno, Jun 12 (BD) – In April, Dominik Feri, a 22-year-old parliamentarian for TOP 09, was attending a wine-tasting event in the village of Boršice in Uherské Hradiště when he was attacked by two men, in an attack described by witnesses as racially motivated. In the course of the attack, Feri cut his back on a windowsill and required hospital treatment. Explaining his decision to drop the charges, State Prosecutor Tomáš Pindur said: “The injury has been compensated. An agreement was reached with one of the insurance companies and the conditions were met,” as quoted by Česká Televize on Monday.

According to the same article, Feri will not contest the judgement: “I believe that the way things have been handled is sufficient for the attackers to understand that disagreement can be expressed in a civilised discussion. Maybe we will meet at the same event next year and we will be able to have a calm debate.”

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