Boston City Singers and Lumir choirs sing together to celebrate Czech-American friendship and freedom worldwide

Boston City Singers and Lumír singing choirs will present their joint performance at Červený kostel in Brno on June 30, 2019 at 18,30. Photo: BCS tour choir singing at Kennedy Library. Photo credit: Jane Money .

Brno, Jun 13 (BD) – Celebrating freedom worldwide using language we all understand – the universal language of music – the American choir Boston City Singers and the Czech, Brno-based Lumír choir proudly present a dynamic and joyful program ranging from international music, a capella choral music, African-American spirituals, to Moravian folk songs.

Boston City Singers was founded in 1995 as a nonprofit organization in Boston, Massachusetts to provide outstanding music education and youth development opportunities for young people, ages 4 through high school. Each week over 450 singers rehearse in one of our 15 comprehensive programs. With a focus on inclusion, access and social justice, Boston City Singers is known for its family atmosphere where diversity of all kinds is acknowledged and welcomed. Generous foundations and individuals support over 60% of the singers who rely on financial aid to participate. 100% of graduates are accepted to 4-year colleges and universities – our programs are gateways to life-changing experiences!

The 35-voice Tour Choir is conducted by Jane Money, Boston City Singers’ Founding Artistic Director. She is accompanied by Tal Zilber, a world renown concert pianist, and directors Kimani Lumsden and Dr. Matthew Leese. For the past 14 years, the Tour Choir has served as ambassadors of Boston City Singers, the City of Boston and the United States of America. The Choir has travelled from Boston to Costa Rica, New Zealand to Australia, South Africa to South America and across Canada. During the summer of 2019, they look forward to their biannual, 3-week Global Voices Tour to the Czech Republic, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Lumír choir. Photo credit: Vratislav Hnátek.

Lumír is a mixed amateur choir with more than a 150-year old tradition. Lumír’s singers are people of many professions, who share interests in music as well as enthusiasm for choir singing. The choir Lumír concentrates mainly on the interpretation of a capella choral works, but also performs some vocal-instrumental pieces. Its rich repertoire ranges from the Renaissance and Baroque vocal polyphony to romantic works and even to contemporary music. The choir also makes excursions to other genres (musical, folk-songs, spirituals, gospels, etc.).

Lumír gives annually about 15 public performances. During past years the choir sang in Slovakia, Poland, France, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Austria, Ireland, and Moldavia. At present, the choir has about 40 members of all ages and professions. The average age is 40 years.

You can find more information on the official Lumír website. No reservation or ticket fee are requested in advance, donations are welcome and appreciated at the entrance.

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