What’s Up Brno? – Events in Brno, Week n°25

Welcome to “What’s Up Brno?”, where every Sunday we will give you an overview of the best events happening in the city over the next week! All events listed are English-friendly, unless otherwise stated in the event description. Image: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Jun 16 (BD) – Hot temperatures, concerts, picnics, beer festivals… summer has arrived in Brno. Enjoy all the events the city has to offer next week, but don’t forget to take sunscreen and water with you!

“DANCE Brno” International Festival of Contemporary and Classical Ballet ends tomorrow! The double performance Hora / Cantana, the last of this year’s programme, will be performed by the Slovenian National Theatre of Maribor. Discover more in our previous article about Dance Brno Festival 2019. Some tickets are still available on the festival’s website.

Hitrádio City is organizing its famous “City Piknik” on June 19 from 4pm at Kravi Hora. Enjoy live music from Czech artists while eating great food and drinking local beers. The event is free of charge.

On Wednesday, see how Brno will look in the future at the Špitálka: Proměny chytré čtvrti [Transformation of a Smart District] exhibition. From 7pm you can see how 27 different architect studios reimagined the neighbourhood around the heating plant and the cooling tower, including the winning project that the city will make into a reality! Entrance is free, and you can find more information on the Facebook event. Find more about Špitálka in our previous article: Špitálka Brownfield Site to Become “Smart District”.

Are you new to the Czech Republic? Do you come from a non-European country? A free integration course is taking place on June 20 to give you all the information you need to know. Please note that you need to register here before coming due to limited capacity.

Living in Czechia made you fall in love with beer and hockey but it’s not hockey season anymore? Thursday sees the start of Hummel Open Game, the biggest international floorball tournament in Brno! The event is divided into different categories and you can find more information on the official website.

Ever dreamed of closing a street to traffic just to organize a big party? Sounds crazy, right? Brno-Žabovřesky district will make that dream come true on June 21 at Minská! Minská Open Street Party 2019 will start at 4pm with various fun activities, followed by live music all night long from 7pm. Find out more on the Facebook page of the event.

Do you love beautiful landscapes and rock music? You can have them both on Friday at the Mariánské Léto Brno Festival. From 3 PM you can be enchanted by the mountains around Brno while listening to some famous names in Czech rock music! Tickets start from CZK 450 and can be bought here.

We covered it last year, and this year it’s back to bring life to the streets of Brno for the third time. The UPROSTŘED Festival 2019 is returning on Friday! Skateboarding, brunches, beer, events, and much more besides! You can find the full program (in Czech) on the official website.

The 10th edition of Kamenka Open will take place this weekend! On Friday night, watch documentaries, on Saturday enjoy live music, and on Sunday come to see theatre! Find out more on the Facebook event.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Micro-Breweries festival in Brno! From Friday to Sunday you can relax with non-traditional beers and beer-tasting, following a three-day cultural program. Entrance is free; you can find more information on the Facebook event.

Beer festivals never come alone; another beer festival will take place in Brno on Saturday with the third edition of the Žebětínský microbreweries festival and spend the day sampling more than 30 kinds of beer. Tickets cost CZK 120, and you can purchase them on the event website.

Never two without three, a beer festival is being organized in Brno-Medlánky as well! Different kinds of beer and food await you on June 22 from 11am. For more information, check out the Facebook event.

Enough beer for this week? You might be interested in tasting wine from the Czech and Slovak Republics during the Czechoslovakian wine Golden Cup 2019. This wine festival will run from June 21-22 on Zelný Trh.

Twitch is no longer enough and you want to see some IRL gaming? Come to PLAYzone Challenge 2019 during the weekend, and meet players in an incredible atmosphere. Tickets only cost CZK 99 for the whole weekend. Buy your tickets and learn more here (only in Czech).

Prepared by Manuele Siciliano and Zenon Moreau.

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