City Builds Staircase in Response to Heavily Used Path to Denisovy Sady from Nádražní

The City’s Public Greenery is planning on building a stairway, connecting Denisovy Sady and Nádražní for commuters. Photo credit: Zenon Moreau.

Brno, Jun 25 (BD) – Rather than walking up the beaten path – which can be muddy during rainy weather – people will be able to comfortably use the steps that are being constructed. The City’s Public Greenery decided to start building a stairway, as it was obvious that many people were using the dirt path to reach their destination.

The construction for the area has started, to offer an easier path for those who walk in the area. Rather than going the longer route, commuters can use the safer staircase to reach their destination.

The closest tram stop to the area is Nové Sady, and people usually go up the path as a shortcut to the Denisovy Sady gardens – a popular area to view the city’s landscape – which also leads to Petrov. 

Alternatively, commuters can use the path to head towards Bašty street, which is an area filled with pubs and restaurants.

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