Memorial Bench Dedicated to Václav Havel to be Installed in Brno’s Center

The Brno City Council agreed that a bench dedicated to Václav Havel will be erected in the city, in memory of the first president of the Czech Republic. Photo: Havel’s Place in Olomouc, in its unveiling in 2017. Credit: City of Olomouc / Blanka Martinovská.

Brno, Jun 28 (BD) – “Václav Havel’s ideas were of high value in the days of oppression, and its value will not deteriorate today. The bench will be a token of remembrance, and a practical addition to public space,” says Petr Hladík, the First Deputy Mayor of the City.

Throughout different cities in the United States and Europe, memorial benches have been erected in dedication to the former president of the Czech Republic, Václav Havel. Soon, the city of Brno will have their own – and it may inspire future politicians, or playwrights. The bench will be placed on Havel’s birthday, which is October 5.

The public art project is called “Havel’s Place”, by architect Bořek Šípek. The project is set to be installed at the Capuchin Terraces, and will consist of two garden chairs and a round table, with a tree passing through the center of the table. The table’s edge will feature a famous quote by Havel: ‘Truth and love will overcome lies and hatred.’

Overall, there are 25 installations of the memorial benches. They can be found in many different cities, a few of them being Washington D.C., Dublin, Barcelona, Prague, and Olomouc. Soon, Brno will be on the list of places where one can find Havel’s Place.

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