Moon Night at Brno’s Observatory and Planetarium

The Brno Observatory and Planetarium will have a few screenings of moon and space-related documentaries, as well as a large inflatable moon which has true-to-life details. Photo credit: Manuele Siciliano.

Brno, Jul 19 (BD) – Almost fifty years ago, the Lunar Module from NASA’s Apollo 11 landed on the moon, at 20:17:40 on July 20, 1969. It took Neil Armstrong six more hours to put the first human footprint on the lunar soil, and take that “one giant leap for mankind”.

The Brno Observatory and Planetarium has decided to celebrate this historic event in a big way: from July 19 to July 22, 2019, it will be possible to see and take pictures with a ten-meter-wide inflatable model of the moon at Kraví Hora park. 

The inflatable moon is incredibly detailed, as it was created by using the pictures taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter: a robotic spacecraft which has been mapping out the Earth’s moon since 2009.

During the weekend, people can attend the screening of the 3D performance “Up to the Moon!”, which celebrates and explains the success of the Apollo mission – available with English audio. Every evening this weekend, there will be a summer cinema at the planetarium: it will be screening the movie “First Man” and a cut of the original live broadcast from the moon of 1969.

You can read the full program and buy the tickets for screenings on the Planetarium website.

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