“Triplet” Tram Running in Brno Is The Longest In The Czech Republic

The triple-carriage tram currently running in Brno is the longest in the Czech Republic. This extra-long tram measures 46 meters, and can carry over 300 passengers at a time. Photo credit: DPMB / Facebook.

Brno, Aug 1 (BD) – Brno Public Transport Company (DPMB) is currently running a tram with a set of three T6 type carriages on Line 1, connecting Řečkovice and Bystrc. So far there is only one in Brno, but more may be added in the future, according to DPMB. 

“The operation of “triplets” is currently being trialled on Line 1, because it is the longest line, and is quite busy in terms of capacity. The T6 coupling is not a strategic project for the future. The main motive is to create an option for a possible increase in the number of high-capacity trams in our fleet, e.g. in the case of higher operational needs during events or closures, or in case of breakdowns of existing trams,” explained DPMB.

The multiple-unit tram is not low-floored, but DPMB is preparing a project called ‘Tram for Brno’ which, as DPMB announced on Facebook last week, “will include 41 medium-capacity low-floor air-conditioned trams. This is our future.”

“In 2023, a new fleet of carriages should be completely finished,” said DPMB CEO Miloš Havránek in December 2018.

The Brno public has welcomed the new triple tram, calling for it to be used on more high-traffic lines operating between Česká and Hlavní Nádraží. However, the tram is not suitable for all types of roads, especially those with sharp curves. The new extra-long tram has already earned several nicknames, such as “train” or “triplets”.

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