600 Employees at the New RWS Moravia Brno Headquarters Are Supporting Its Branches and Clients Worldwide

Over 600 Brno staff help global brands localize their products, services and content across a range of industries. We visited RWS Moravia’s new offices to discover more about localization and working in the company in general.

Brno, Aug 26 (BD) – “I like my work. I am always learning new things and I work with the biggest companies in the world. I can actually say it’s my dream job,” says Naďa Matušíková, General Counsel, who has been working at RWS Moravia for 13 years. Some of her favorite parts of the job are overcoming the challenges each task poses and the frequent travelling. Naďa provides complex legal support to RWS Moravia’s Brno headquarters and its affiliates worldwide: in the USA, China, Argentina, Japan and Ireland.

RWS Moravia is indeed a global company, both in terms of its operations and the nature of its services. “We provide localization services to the biggest IT companies in the world – it means we ensure their applications, products and services ‘speak’ all the languages of the world and respect each country’s cultural norms and technological specifications. Using software and other products in their native language makes work, education and personal activities easier for billions of people,” explained Anna Rejdová, Talent Acquisition Partner at RWS Moravia in Brno.

Anna Rejdová, Talent Acquisition Partner at RWS Moravia in Brno

RWS Moravia is always looking for top talent: from project managers to software engineers, from talent acquisition to language quality assurance. Anna lists a number of currently open vacancies: “We offer positions at various levels of seniority for linguistic specialists, project coordinators and project managers, technologists and software development enthusiasts.” Today, the company employs more than 600 students, graduates and professionals in the Brno area alone and 1,500 people globally.

RWS Moravia’s offices in Vlnena Office Park

Twenty-five-year-old Iva Bernatíková, who has been with the company for two years in a part-time position in Talent Acquisition, says, “I am very satisfied here. As they say, work is about people, and I’ve been feeling very good in ‘Moravia’s team’. I even got another internship offer in Denmark, but I chose RWS Moravia.” Iva has just graduated, so we asked her about her future plans. “I’ve just finished my studies, so I’m not really sure. I would like to stay here, but we’ll see. For example, my boss is now on a 10-month leave because he wanted to travel to North America. As you can see, the work at RWS Moravia indeed offers many opportunities. Maybe I will also take a break, travel and come back.”

Iva Bernatíková (left) has been with the company for two years in a part-time position in Talent Acquisition.

What is it that RWS Moravia’s recruiters are looking for first and foremost in jobseekers’ profiles? “A positive mindset, the ambition to self-improve and a talent for finding solutions. The pace is fast here, and we all rely on each other, so we need true team players. Good English is important as we are an international company,” Anna explained. “We focus mainly on a candidate’s experience, not so much on formal education.” She also added a quick tip for anyone who would like to join the company’s Brno team: “Good formatting and structure of the CV are also important!”

RWS Moravia’s offices in Vlnena Office Park

RWS Moravia adapts products and content for global leaders and rising stars into over 250 languages using processes and technologies that are fit for the digital age. Their services include translation and localization, testing, content creation and technology consulting. The company was established as Moravia IT in 1990 and became RWS Moravia after a successful acquisition by the British company RWS in 2017. Its global headquarters has remained in Brno, but moved recently to a newly consolidated office in Vlnena Office Park. Its other offices are located in Ireland, the United States, Japan, China and Argentina.

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