Ceremonial Opening of Open-Air Dance Floor At Anthropos Yesterday

On Thursday, October 12 at 7pm, the ribbon-cutting ceremony took place for one of the winning projects of the first year of “Dáme na vás”. Photo: “Dáme na vás” / Facebook.

Brno, Sep 13 (BD) – Zuzana Rabčanová, the proposer of the “Gazebo – Dance Floor in a Park” participatory budgeting project, explains how the idea came about: “Temperatures are above 20°C. However, the actual temperature experienced is at least twice that if you are dancing, performing theater or rehearsing in a non-air-conditioned room. An open-air gazebo – a public place in a beautiful park setting – would be the solution to this and other problems. It would be a suitable space not only for thousands of dancers, but also artists and participants in cultural, sporting and educational events. In the past, however, musical gazebos were a popular destination for Sunday walks.”

Opening ceremony. Photo: TD, Brno Daily.

Brno Municipality has been running a participatory budgeting contest for the past three years. The winning projects have been gradually brought to life with funding from the city. The dance floor in Anthropos Park in Pisárky was one of the first winning ideas of participatory budgeting. 

Opening ceremony. Photo: TD, Brno Daily.

For the third year of participatory budgeting, the City of Brno has allocated CZK 35 million. Since each project can cost a maximum of CZK 3 million, this means that at least 11 projects will be implemented as part of the 2019 contest.

Yesterday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony officially opened the dance floor, which has been in use since the beginning of summer. Electricity has been working there since the end of August.

Opening ceremony. Photo: TD, Brno Daily.

Representatives of the MMB Participation Office and Zuzana Rabčanová, the proposer of the project, were present at the ceremony.

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