What’s Up Brno? – Events in Brno, Week n°38

Welcome to “What’s Up Brno?” – where every Sunday, we offer you an overview of events in the city over the next week! We only list English-friendly events, unless otherwise mentioned in the event description. Image: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Sep 15 (BD) – Have you planned anything for the coming week yet? If not, let us recommend some interesting events happening in Brno, whether you fancy engaging your brain or just relaxing after a long day in the office. You can choose from talk shows about technology and education, festivals, student parties, comedies and more. Check out our list of events and choose whichever you like the look of. 

If you are into tech and programming, Tuesday is a great chance to learn something new at the Ruby Stories VIII talk show in the Open Garden on Udolni. Experienced speakers from PrimeHammer and Kiwi.com will give in-depth talks about a range of topics such as VCR War Stories, work-life balance, and designing GraphQL APIs. The talks will be in both Czech and English, and luckily the slides are all in English so that you can take notes more easily. Save the date and find tickets for the event here

Hungry for some culture? On Tuesday at 5:30pm there will be a showing at the TIC Gallery, where two contemporary art exhibitions will be presented: a painting collection called “Abstract Machine” (Abstraktní Stroj) by Radim Langer and “There is only presence” (Existuje Jenom Přítomnost) designed by Richard Loskot. Although the opening show is in Czech, art does not set any limits in order to be understood. You can find more inspiration and a description of the two exhibitions on the website (in Czech).

There is another academic event for knowledge hounds, especially those interested in education. Open Academia Mini Series: Open & Future Education will take place at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication (FEEC) on Wednesday. There will be a discussion about open education and the quality of teaching and learning experiences with the assistance of technology. Two international professors – Catherine M. Casserly of the Advisory Council for the National Science Foundation and Oddgeir Tveiten from the University of Agder – will give speeches about the future of education. You can choose which talk to attend by registering for the event here

If you are a student and you like to party, you should definitely check the “International Student Festival” in Brno, which is happening on Thursday. At one of the biggest student parties in Brno, you will have a chance to make local and international friends and spend a night out together. For more information, check the Facebook event.

From Thursday 19th until Thursday 26th, you will have the chance to learn about new cultures at Babylonfest, a traditional meeting of minorities from all over the world living in Brno, who will celebrate their folk customs in the form of dance, music and gastronomy. And who knows, you might see your country being represented at this festival too. For more information, check the Babylonfest website.

Health should always be your main priority. On Thursday, Masaryk University, Faculty of Medicine, Dept. of Laboratory Methods, in cooperation with University Hospital Brno, St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno and patients of the Diagnóza FH foundation are offering free cholesterol tests for the day of Familial Hypercholesterolemia. You can also discuss your results with Czech doctors and nutritionists. You can read more about the event on this post from Diagnóza FH on Facebook (in Czech). 

If you are in the mood for a party, then you shouldn’t miss Friday’s “Welcome to Brno Party”, organized by Foreigners and DOMEQ. This event is not only for newcomers to Brno, but also for anyone who lives in Brno and loves to have fun. If you are interested in having a great night on the rooftop of DOMEQ looking out at the amazing view of Brno, you can find more information here

On Saturday, the “MINT market Brno 39” will take place at the Brno Market Hall. If you love fashion, jewellery, cosmetics and delicacies, this is the ideal place for you. Over 100 retailers will be set up across three floors, so you have a lot of shopping to do. As always, entrance is free, so if you want to support Czech designers, here is the facebook event (in Czech).

If you would love to understand and live the city with an alternative experience, on Saturday you should join the “Experience the City Differently – Brno Botanic / Tyrs Park” (Zažít město jinak – Brno Botanická/Tyršův sad), a neighbourhood street festival which supports the local community in Brno. The meeting place will be the unique monument of Husův sbor, and there will be a cultural program along with a guided tour of the church that should not be missed. For more information, follow the event on Facebook (in Czech).

Prepared by Tien Dong, Thanasis Papadopoulos and Manuele Siciliano.

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