Police Called To Ventilation Altercation On Brno Bus

A disagreement between two passengers over whether to open the bus window escalated to involve the driver and other passengers, and then finally the police. Photo for illustrative purposes. Credit: Brno Daily.

Brno, Sep 23 (BD) – A bus window was the cause of a dispute between several passengers on a Number 50 bus travelling towards Bystrc on Saturday afternoon. A 55-year-old woman opened a window to get some air into the bus, but a 46-year-old man sitting nearby disapproved and closed it. After a tense period of repeated opening and closing, other passengers alerted the driver to the conflict that was brewing. The driver, finding a majority of passengers supporting the window remaining open, suggested that the window be left open and that the 46-year-old man sit elsewhere. However, when the bus continued moving, the man shut the window again.

At the next stop the driver returned and urged the man to get off the bus, but he refused. After some pushing, the man lay down on the floor in the aisle of the bus and called the police to report that he had been attacked by the driver. Police spokesman Pavel Šváb described what happened next: “By now, the bus was approaching the terminal station at náměstí 28. Dubna, where police officers began dealing with the matter. The man had a small cut on his nose, and told them that he was experiencing aching in his head, neck, and spine. Before the ambulance arrived, he warned the patrol that he wanted to be addressed by his full academic title. But his university education did not correspond very well to reports from some passengers, who complained to the constables that the man was mocking and insulting them.” 

The man was finally taken to hospital, and the officers referred the matter to the administrative authority.

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