What’s Up Brno? – Events in Brno, Week n°42

Welcome to “What’s Up Brno?” – Where every Sunday, we offer you an overview of events in the city over the next week! We only list English-friendly events, unless otherwise mentioned in the event description. Image: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Oct 13 (BD) – With a new week, new events await. Environment, culture, innovation, career orientation and music are among our most recommended events this week. At Enthralment with Africa you will get to know more about Africa from the perspective of Czech artists. Or at the Jobspin Multilingual Job Fair, you might find your dream job more easily than ever before. And in case you need some music to make your night swing then you should not miss the Groove Brno jazz festival. Read on to check out more events!

On Monday, there is a very interesting event about an issue that affects us all. UNIDA – United for the Development of the Amazon will be presenting Week for the Amazonia, a debate that will be analysing the present situation in the Amazon jungle and Latin America. If you are interested, check the Facebook event.

If you want to go shopping, then from Tuesday until Saturday you should stop by the Autumn Bazaar. If you’re looking for clothes for the winter, accessories, toys or sports gear, this is the place to go. For more information, check the Facebook event (in czech).

There will be an exceptional event from Tuesday to Saturday at the former prison in Cejl, called The Prison Lives and Factor K. (Faktor K), with a lot of interesting activities such as exhibitions and workshops. The comprehensive program of The Prison Lives is themed around prison life and its perspective to the future. Factor K. is part of the The Prison Lives where you will find the most up-to-date information about penitentiary life through various forms of art. Sound interesting? Check out the link (in Czech) for more information. 

Photo: Exhibition at Enthrallment with Africa. Credit: Moravian museum.

If you are interested in learning about different cultures, then you should attend Enthrallment with Africa at Anthropos Pavillion. The exhibition shows artwork from Czech artists influenced by African art from the early 20th century until today. It also contains a large collection of African artifacts that have been collected by Czech artists. To find more information, check the official website.

Photo: The Enthrallment with Africa exhibition shows. Credit: Moravian museum.

If you live in Brno, chances are that you love beer. So, on Thursday you should definitely stop by Zelny trh and sample some of the finest Belgian beers at the Belgian Tap Takeover at Craft Beer Bottle Shop & Bar. You will be able to taste 13 different samples, so whatever your taste in beer is, you will probably find your new favourite. For more information, check the Facebook event (in Czech).

In the mood for a movie? Then on Thursday, you shouldn’t miss the screening of Blade Runner 2049 in Brno Planetarium. The movie is 164 minutes long, and the stunning visuals will take your breath away. To find more information, check the Facebook event (in Czech).

Are you the kind of person who gets excited about codes, secrets, and the search for answers? If so, you will have a great day with your friends when you’re locked in the Escape Rooms from BrainFAQ Brno. Behind the closed door, there are stories with a set-up, scene and backstory, with hints for you to find the code and unlock the door. They are under the theme of The Heritage, the Cuckoo’s Nest and The Labyrinth, with intriguing clues and authentic props that will transport you to a different place. Interested? Find out more about the stories of the games here (in Czech and English), choose your favorite, form your best team and book for the ticket as soon as you can. 

This weekend will be bringing a lot of fun. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the fashion performances and art exhibitions with the works of 3D printing and augmented reality at the Festival Prototyp 2019. This event is in cooperation with the Brno Mini Maker Faire 2019 – Show of Innovators and Inventors (Brno Mini Maker Faire 2019 – Přehlídka Inovátorů a Vynálezců) on Saturday and Sunday to present viewers with various selected DIY items from different artists. To get to know more about the program of two events, go to this link (in Czech).

As an international city, Brno is a home to many foreigners, who have settled here to build a life. If you are one of them and looking for a job then you can’t miss the Jobspin Multilingual Job Fair Powered by Brno Daily. This is an amazing opportunity for English speakers in Brno to find their dream job and to get a chance to talk with recruiters such as Gardner Denver Brno, Grafton Recruitment, and IBM Global Services Delivery Center Czech Republic about some of the interesting positions they have. Moreover, this is also an event for you to network and get involved in the engaging accompanying program, including CV and relocation consulting, informative presentations, and public debate (see more in next paragraph). This event is free for all attendees. So, why not save an important date on October 19th and check for more information here. One last thing, remember to bring your CV with you. 

If you are a foreigner living in Brno and curious about expat life then you cannot miss one of the most informative public debates for expats, Open Debate: “Expats In Brno – The Current And Future Situation”. The event is free of charge, however, registration in advance is required. You will have a chance to talk to special guests such as Lucia Konopkova, Senior Consultant at Brno Expat Centre, and Mark Harrison, founder of the Association of Credit for Central and Eastern Europe and Brno expat at a panel discussion about expat life and the important topic of job seeking for expats. Find out more about the event (in English) and mark the date of October 19th on your calendar. 

Don’t waste your last day of the week just staying at home, sitting on the couch and binge-watching old series. It could be more than fun to spend a night out at Groove Brno, the international jazz festival in Brno. The harmonious event will make you surprised and chilled with not only jazz but also funky, groove and soul from abroad and Czech artists. The event is now running till November 23rd, for audiences to come and flow with music. Read more about the event here (in English) and check for the program in this link (in Czech).

Prepared by Tien Dong and Thanasis Papadopoulos.

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