City of Brno Continues To Fund Demolition of Illegal Construction

For a long time responsibility for removing illegal structures fell on city districts, which usually do not have the capacity for such work in their budgets. Since last year, the city has been funding the removal of illegal structures whose demolition has been ordered by the court. Photo: Abandoned place in Bohunice. Credit: MMB. 

Brno, Oct 15 (BD) – In the past, city districts did not have the tools to dispose of illegal buildings, despite being the legal responsible body in such cases. Even if the demolition of a building had been ordered by a court ruling, it was left up to the owner to carry the ruling out. In the case of owners providing no funding or taking no action to demolish their illegal buildings, city districts were often unable to act, as the cost of some demolition projects can run into hundreds of thousands of crowns.

Since last year, Brno City Council has been funding demolition projects on behalf of city districts. This week, the council recommended that the City Assembly provide CZK 23,232 for the removal of illegal buildings in Brno-Bohunice, including a building on an allotment complex near the Leskava stream, which was built without planning permission and is now dilapidated and close to collapse. According to Oliver Pospíšil (CSSD), council member for property:  “We are sending a clear signal to builders that we stand behind those who build legally. City districts have an effective tool to deal with buildings built in violation of the land-use plan, without building permit or without proper discussion.”
Last week, the council approved the allocation of funds of CZK 544,000 for the removal of another illegal building in Brno-Bystrc. The building’s owner did not respond to the planning authority’s call for demolition. The city district therefore proceeded to remove the single-storey building at its own expense, and will seek reimbursement from the building owner. Last year, Brno-Bystrc received CZK 23,595 for the removal of a sales stall on the corner of Vejrostova and Ečerova. 

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