Police Return EUR 10,000 To Cypriot Couple Who Left It On A Bench Near Shopping Centre

A desperate woman came to the Municipal Police Headquarters on Štefánikova at the end of last week after losing EUR 10,000 in cash. Fortunately, police officers found the bag of money untouched. Title photo: For illustrative purposes / Brno Daily.

Brno, Oct 17 (BD) – The 41-year-old woman from Cyprus told police that she had lost a bag containing around EUR 10,000. The woman and her husband had been shopping together in one of Brno’s shopping centres, and were carrying with them a large amount of money to pay for their daughter’s studies in Brno – the tuition fees and rent of her apartment.

The nearest city police patrol rushed to the mall immediately, searching around the entrance and the bus stop where the couple had boarded the bus. Meanwhile, the city police also informed the Brno Transport Company dispatchers, who tried to establish whether the bag had remained on the bus.

Finally, the officers found the bag on a bench near the shopping centre. They also met the woman’s husband, who had gone to search for the bag himself. The police took the man and the bag back to the police station and, after verifying the story, returned the money to the relieved woman. The entire amount, totalling approximately CZK 250,000, remained in the wallet.

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