Police On The Hunt For Audi Driver Following Raid At Jewellery Store

South Moravian Police have issued an appeal for information after a robbery in Brno in the early hours of Tuesday, when thieves escaped with millions of crowns worth of jewellery. Photo: Police CR.

Brno, Oct 22 (BD) – South Moravian Police responded to a call at around 4am yesterday morning regarding a robbery at a jewellery store in the centre of Brno. Officers were at the scene within 3 minutes and 20 seconds of the call, but the thieves had already left the scene with jewellery worth millions of crowns. The entire robbery is thought to have taken under two minutes.

Photo: Police CR.

Investigators have been working at the scene since the incident took place. Police spokesman Pavel Svab provided more details on the events: “Shortly after 4am there was a burglary at a jewellery store in the center of Brno. The as yet unidentified perpetrators tore off the grille with the help of a car and broke into the shop via the front door. Four masked men stole goods worth several million crowns in a short time. Investigators have been working at the crime scene since the morning hours, collecting evidence and analysing the available video recordings.” 

In connection with the case, police are looking for a dark-coloured Audi A6 that was seen leaving the area. They have appealed for anyone with any information to contact them as soon as possible via line 158.

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