Brno Man Finds WW2 Explosive Material While Magnet Fishing in River Svitava

The 36-year-old man found eight pieces from a 20mm caliber World War II anti-aircraft missile while looking for valuables in the River Svitava. Photo: For illustrative purposes / BD.

Brno, Oct 30 (BD) – Magnet fishing is a pastime of amateur archaeologists, in which powerful magnets are used to withdraw metal objects from underwater. A 36-year-old man magnet fishing in the River Svitava over the weekend got a surprise when his magnet began picking up fragments of a 20mm caliber anti-aircraft missile dating from World War II. After catching eight pieces in total, the man contacted the emergency services.

“The police fire engineers were summoned and safely secured the ammunition at the scene, before taking it away for professional disposal. Fortunately, no one was injured and no there was no damage to property,” said Petr Vala, spokesman for South Moravian Police. Vala added advice to anyone else who finds themselves in such a situation: “Please note that anyone who finds a firearm, explosive, or ammunition is obliged to notify the Police of the Czech Republic without delay, by using the emergency call line 158. Improper handling can cause an explosion and thus a risk to life and health.”

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