Park To Be Named After Danuše Muzikářová

The unnamed park between Rooseveltova and Místodržitelský palác at the entrance to Běhounská will be named after the 18-year-old who was accidentally shot while demonstrating against the Communist regime on the first anniversary of the Warsaw Pact occupation 50 years ago. Photo credit: Memorial of Danuše Muzikářová. Credit: TD / Brno Daily.

Brno, Nov 18 (BD) [updated] – The suggestion to name the park after Danuše Muzikářová came from Simona Hradílková of “Memory of Nations”. “With this gesture, we want to honor the memory of the girl and remember this difficult time in the history of our country,” said Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková (ODS).

Photo: Simona Hradílková (the second person from the left). Credit: Town Hall Brno-Center.

The ceremonial renaming of the park will take place on Sunday November 17th at 12 noon. The park is located a few hundred meters from Moravské náměstí, where the tragic event occurred. The place is not far from Muzikářová’s home. The young girl, who had just finished her training as a tailor, enjoyed drawing and amateur acting.  

Muzikářová was shot during a demonstration on August 21, 1969, against the Warsaw Pact occupation, with a weapon used by the Czechoslovak People’s Militia.

Photo credit: TD / Brno Daily.

The investigation of her death was conducted in such a way that the culprit was never identified. However, her father kept seeking the truth. After 1989 he asked for a new inquest, but the crucial evidence that could at least indicate which element of the repressive forces was behind the death had disappeared from the police file.

The Memorial of Danuše Muzikářová. Photo credit: Town Hall Brno-Center and TD / Brno Daily.

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