In Brief: Thief Drills Into The Tank of a Stranger’s Car for a Few Drops of Gasoline

One unidentified perpetrator was behaving strangely in Komárov last week, with no concern for the car’s owner. Photo: Police CR.

Brno, Nov 20 (BD) – An unidentified thief exhibited some absurd behaviour last week, causing thousands of crowns worth of damage to a stranger’s car for just a few litres of fuel. 

A parked Volkswagen attracted the thief’s attention. They drilled through the fuel tank with an unidentified object, letting gasoline flow into containers.

“Unfortunately, the financial balance of the thief’s actions is pathetic. For the sake of a few hundred crowns of gasoline, they caused damage to the vehicle of nearly CZK 20,000. Police are investigating a case of theft and criminal damage,” said Police spokesman Petr Vala.

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