In Photos: Skating Under Jošt

The skating under Jošt opened to the public on November 27th at 17h. The 860 m2 rink has a capacity of 80 skaters. Skating will be open in four two-hour blocks from 10h to 21h, with an hour break between each block. Photos: TD, TP / Brno Daily. 

Brno, Dec 28 (BD) – Admission will be the same as previous years; adults pay CZK 100 per block, and children under six skate for free. Children from 6 to 15 years, seniors, and holders of ZTP / P cards pay CZK 60. Visitors will be able to rent skates at the cash desk. On Christmas Eve skating will be from 10h to 14h, and on New Year’s Eve until 22h. On New Year’s Day the rink will be closed.

Photo credit: Brno Daily.

From January, the morning block from 10.00 to 12.00 will be dedicated to free skating for children and pupils of kindergartens and elementary schools in the Brno-Střed city district.

Video: Brno Daily.

Photo Gallery: Ice skating under Jošt. Credit: Brno Daily.

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