A Golden Inca Is Created From Ice in Brno’s Moravske Namesti

An enormous ice sculpture depicting a Golden Inca was created at Moravske namesti on Sunday. Photo credit: pokladinku.cz.

Brno, Dec 16 (BD) – On Sunday in Moravske namesti, an amazing creation could be seen coming to life before our eyes. 

Photo credit: TP / Brno Daily.

Almost two tons of ice were used by two talented sculptors, Václava Lemon and Marián Maršálek, to create a huge ice sculpture depicting an ancient Inca on a golden throne. The total time taken to create the Inca statue was about 12 hours.

The sculpture was illuminated in gold, to look like a lifesize Inca statue. 

The unique time-limited sculpture is a part of an ongoing exhibition “Treasure of the Incas” (“Poklad Inků”) at the Brno Exhibition Centre’s Pavilion C. “Treasure of the Incas” features one of the greatest collections of gold treasure in history. In an area of over 2,000 sq.m., more than 100 original gold ritual artifacts are on display, including golden cans, masks and magical pieces of jewellery brought directly from Peru. The exhibition will be open until February 2nd, 2020.

Photo credit: pokladinku.cz.

“We invite everyone to the exhibition, even during the Christmas holiday. It will be open every day except 24th, 25th December and 1st January,” said Květa Havelková a spokeswoman for the exhibition organizer.

Photo credit: TP / Brno Daily.

Last year, a similar creation in Moravske namesti accompanied the “Titanic” exhibition, with a somewhat ironic ice statue of the most famous sunken ship in history.

Photo credit: CG / Brno Daily.

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