Brno Transport Company Announces Changes and Upgrades For 2020

The city’s transport operator, DPMB, has announced upgrades and planned changes to its services for 2020, including new trams and buses, and a rollout of on-board card payments. Photo credit: CG / Brno Daily.

Brno, Dec 17 (BD) – The most eye-catching announcement is a plan to rollout contactless card payments on the city’s buses and trams. The new machines will be installed in Spring 2020.

There were also a number of renovation projects announced for tram tracks around the city, including: Merhautova (between Jugoslavska and Provaznikova); Veveri (between Jana Uhra and Zerotinovo nam.); the section of tramline between Videnska and the Central Cemetery; the line between the zoo and the loop at Rakovecka in Bystrc; and the loop at Komarov. Most of these projects will be completed during the summer holidays, and the total cost of all the reconstruction will be around CZK 0.75 billion.

The city will also progress with its project to purchase new modern tram carriages, the so-called “Tramvaj pro Brno” [Tram for Brno] program. Two new carriages will be completed by the end of this year, and another nine will arrive in 2020. The whole project envisages 41 of the new vehicles, which will be low-floor and air-conditioned. 60 new low-floor trolleybuses will also be purchased. These vehicles run on alternative propulsion, which means they do not require connection to the overhead cables. There will also be 40 new low-floor buses added to the fleet.

Investment in improvements to the fleet for 2020, including the contactless card system, will total just under CZK 1 billion.

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